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Mr. Amer Gul Shahzad

(Voice President and Director)
Mr. Amer Gul Shahzad is the Voice President and Director of Surgiexpert. He is a well-reputed businessman in the Healthcare industry. In his capacity, as Voice President and Director, he had successfully guided the restructuring approaches and efforts to the best corporate world-class levels, where he had been involved in the formulation of policies and procedures and ensured they are carried out in accordance with set standards. He participated in strategic planning, developing campaigns, and encouraged employees to meet targets in a timely and efficient manner. He is known as an effective community figure in the field of humanitarian and charity organizations where he maintained memberships include and limited to agencies.

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Mr. Zohaib Meer

(Executive Partner)
Mr. Zohaib Meer is executive partner of Surgiexpert. He is a well-respected businessman with an intensive PR in the Medical Devices profession. Through his effective guidance of work tasks, sales and marketing campaigns, he proved to be very keen to establish friendly and long terms relationships with all levels of professionals worldwide especially during field campaigns and direct sponsorship of recognition events. Moreover, he had strongly supported the roll-out of IT applications in all companys business operations and transactions. Mr. Zohaib Meer is also known as a prominent honorary member of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sialkot Surgical Association and Industry.

Who we are

Since October 2009, SurgiExpert has been supplying the Healthcare Industry professionals and distributors with finest quality surgical instruments & innovative products for general surgery. We are recognised as being amongst one of the most progressive medical companies in the Sialkot. With our extensive wide range of general surgery instruments, Dental Surgery Instruments, ENT Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments and Gynecology Instruments plus with a combination of forefathers business experience in the medical field, our products are specifically designed to offer both exceptional quality and value for money to Healthcare Professionals and Organisations.

During the last few years there have been numerous developments within our company, with the introduction of many new innovative products, directive certifications, huge sqare-feet manufacturing facility, highly skilled staff and services to our portfolio, which has allowed SurgiExpert to make a significant impact on the healthcare market. Our range of specialised surgical instrumentation is uniquely manufactured in our own manufacturing unit to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Surgiexpert extremely proud to be amongst the few remaining companies with self-manufacturing unit facility to produce surgical instruments in Sialkot with experience of more than a decade.

Our goal is to continue to develop new, innovative medical products that will enhance the quality of surgical procedures, whilst meeting the financial restraints placed on the Healthcare Sector.

Why We Are Differnt

Surgiexpert serving more than decade to healthcare professional with surgery accessories and facts turned to Surgiexpert being leading manufacturer of supplying wide and innovative range worldwide. Our comprehensive range of surgical instruments covering majour categories of performing practices for general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmic/ENT surgery, Gynecology and Laparoscopic enhanced by surgical Techniques in medical field.

All the products are designed and produced according to SGS ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE Class IIb quality assured systems using the biocompatible materials and channel management system methods to let the customer get satisfied that the products are produced complying all the regulatory of manufacturing requirements for precise and accurate quality.

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